Special Christmas offer for groups

December is just around the corner, and the time for festive gatherings will come soon. For this, the cooks of Saka Manor have prepared two special menus with wine recommendations for groups. Choosing between them can be difficult, but we can confirm that they both taste equally good.

Three halls of our restaurant can accommodate up to 70 people, but the festive table can also be served in a ballroom or fireplace room (with a capacity of 70 and 15 people, respectively).

Special offer I


Creamy pumpkin soup with grilled goat cheese and sweet and savory pumpkin seeds

Chenin Blanc Vintage Selection, Spier, Western Cape, South-Africa 20.00 € / bottle

Main dish

Smoked pork chop with spicy potatoes and sauerkraut, stewed in orange-mountain ash sauce

Primitivo Salento Antica Masseria del Sigillo, Tenute di Emera, Apulia, Italy € 18.00 / bottle


Roll with whipped cream, gingerbread and berry jam

Põltsamaa Kuldne, Estonia 4.00 € / 8 ml

Special offer II

Green salad with yellow beets, quinoa and baked cheese

Harslevelü Mad, Szent Tamas, Tokaji Hungary 18.00 € / bottle

Main dish

Chicken fillet with blood sausage and cranberry filling, served with red onion, cherry cream and fried potatoes with caraway seeds.

Kekfrankos, Takler, Szeksard, Hungary 18.00 € / bottle


Panna cotta with berry sauce

Beerenauslese, Schmitt and Söhne, Germany 5.00 € / 8cl

The cost of the special menu is 18 € / person, for a group of 10 people or more. When ordering a three-course menu, the price includes a jug of water with lemon, bread, coffee and tea.

Information and reservations: saka@saka.ee

Make Christmas month special and celebrate with delicious food!