A cozy evening with oysters

Saturday, March 12 is worth writing to your calendar. At 7 pm, a luxurious dinner will start in the restaurant of Saka manor, where the tastes will be created by the deep blue and slightly mystical ocean and its wonderful gifts – oysters!

On the evening with oysters, the head chef of Tallink Group, the Austrian oyster sommelier and the four-time world champion of oyster opening, Anti Lepik, will introduce the history, eating culture and proper serving of oysters.

In France, oysters are called seafood champagne. Like champagne, oysters are the perfect companion for creating special moments. If there is a beautiful plate with lush juicy oysters on the table, someone is already asking, “What are we celebrating?”

Dinner costs EUR 50 per person and includes:

glass of sparkling
A specially prepared menu by Anti Lepik

Additional information and booking


+372 33 64901