Ground floor and 1st floor  EUR 
Double for single use (DSU) 80
Double (DBL/ TWN) 95
Double Plus (DBL+) 115
Double Delux (LUX) 130
Family room (up to 4 guests) 150
Pet 30

An extra bed in the hotel costs:

EUR 5/night for infants who sleep in an extra bed

EUR 20/night for children 4-12 years old;

EUR 30/night for children from 13 years old.

An extra bed cost includes breakfast and mini-water centre access.


I floorEUR 
Head of State Junior Suite 210
Lord of the Manor Junior Suite 210
Head of State Junior Suite (includes Fireplace Chamber) 290
Lord of the Manor Junior Suite (includes Fireplace Chamber) 290
Head of State Grand Suite (includes Fireplace Chamber and Lord of the Manor Junior Suite) 440
II floor EUR 
Madam of the Manor Suite 260
Lady of the Manor Junior Suite 210
Gentleman Double Superior Plus 180
Double Superior rooms: Mathilde, Johanna, Aurelia, Pauline 140
II floorEUR 
Double Superior room: Debora (smaller room)120
III floor EUR 
Double: Amanda 120
Double: Hermine 120


II floor EUR 
“Klint” apartment /DBL+couch; kitchen inside130
III floorEUR 
“Sunset” suite /DBL+couch; separate lounge with a sea view “Paus”150
Mansion chamber rates Eur/4 hEur/day
Salo (5 pax)100190
The Scottish hall (18 pax)170320
Fireplace Chamber (25 pax)170390
Ballroom & Salon (90 pax)300640

NB! The visit of our mini water centre with saunas within 1,5 hours is included in each room rate. The visit time should be booked in advance.

Information and reservation:

Phone: +372 33 64 900

E-mail: saka@saka.ee

NB! The administration reserves the right to change rates without prior notice. Services that go unused for reasons not related to Saka Manor will not be refunded.