Gift card

Purchaser determines value

Give a loved one a special gift for any occasion:

  • Give them your attention
  • Give them some time for themselves
  • Give them a romantic dinner
  • Give them a piece of natural beauty
  • Give them good intentions
  • Give their body and spirit harmony
  • And something truly memorable

Allow us to mail the gift card in a formal envelope to the person. Come, let’s arrange a treat for your loved one!

Gift cards issued after 1 January 2011 will be effective for six months. After the expiration date, the gift card can no longer be used, so we kindly ask our clients to keep this in mind. Gift cards cannot be used to pay for discount offers, except when the gift card is used before the expiration date of discount offers. This information is also noted on the gift card.

Information and booking:

Phone: +372 3364 900