Rates for Meretorn Watchtower’s seminar roomsEur/hEur/day
Hogland (50 pax)28255
Suur-Tütarsaar (18 pax)22191
Saun (15 pax)50400
Rates for renting Mansion chambersEur/4 hEur/day
Salon (5 pax)100190
The Scottish hall (18 pax)170320
Fireplace chamber (25 pax)170390
Ballroom & Salon (90 pax)300640  
  • Request a price offer: fees increase 100% for every additional hour after 23:00.
  • The minimal fee for using rooms in Meretorn or hotel for a short period or coffee break is EUR 50

Phone: +372 3364 902

E-mail: salle@saka.ee

NB! The administration reserves the right to change rates without prior notice. Services that go unused for reasons not related to Saka Manor will not be refunded.