Tennis, pingpong, archery


Tennis is a highly popular sport and a great pastime even if you don’t play regularly. The edge of the estate park includes two tennis courts with artificial turf.


  • Tennis court can be rented for EUR 5/hour.
  • Court with equipment can be rented for EUR 7/hour.
  • Extra tennis balls can be purchased for an additional 2.50 EUR/ball.



  • We are the only accommodation establishment to offer recreational archery in Ida-Virumaa. Guests are offered two targets for use by four persons.
  • Upon the recommendation of professionals, we provide bows of the Legend model. Bows are easy and comfortable to use even for beginners.
  • Guests are provided finger and arm safety gear, and are briefed on safety issues.
  • We offer two types of arrows: the more durable aluminium arrows for children and beginners, and wooden arrows for the more advanced.
  • The hourly rate is EUR 7.

NB: The archery services are unfortunately not available for children under the age of 12, and those below 18 can only participate with adult supervision.


We also have a pingpong table that can use up to two guests simulltaneously. The rent of the pingpong table with our equipment is EUR 7/hour.


Our beach tennis court is located in the park, near the classic tennis courts.


  • Beach tennis court can be rented for EUR 5/hour.
  • Beach tennis court with equipment can be rented for EUR 7/hour.