Accommodation with pets

Pets are welcome in the Saka Manor hotel and camping. Pet surcharge is 30€ / night.

When going on holiday with a pet, the pet owner is obliged to comply with the following:

  1. A pet is an animal kept for personal enjoyment, companionship or an animal meant for that purpose.
  2. Going on holiday with the pet must not disturb public order, the peace of other holidaymakers or other animals.
  3. Pets shall not be left unattended in the hotel or the surrounding area unless they are housed in an appropriate cage or a means of transport that is escape-proof.
  4. Strictly comply with sanitary and hygiene requirements, including immediately tidying up any areas soiled by the pet.
  5. The pet owner is obliged to have the pet vaccinated against rabies within the time limit set by the veterinarian.
  6. It is forbidden to stay in the common areas of the hotel with a pet.
  7. The pet owner is fully liable for all consequences, including any damage to the property of the hotel caused by the unattended pet, and is liable to pay damages on the basis of the invoice provided by us.
  8. Accommodation with pets is only allowed in the hotel house and the campsite.
    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to stay in the Manor House and in the Border Guard Tower.

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