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    Welcome to Saka Manor!

    Here it is, Saka Manor, the pearl of the North-Estonian coastal cliffs. It is a place high up on the limestone bank, where natural and cultural heritage meet: the mansion in neo-renaissance style risen from ruins and the limestone bank chosen as one of the Estonian national icons.

Fully restored

Saka is one of the few manors in Estonia that has been fully restored. The mansion, reminiscent of Italian renaissance architecture, as well as newer buildings, surrounded by a park, have all been carefully renovated.

With its special location, privacy, and services,Saka Manor is the perfect place both for holiday trips, professional seminars, festive social events and weddings for up to 100 guests.

The manor offers luxurious accommodation in the mansion as well as a 29-room hotel, and for summertime use, a camping cabin, caravan parking and camping ground for tents.

The hotel also has a private mini-SPA with saunas pool area as well as different body care treatments.

Suitable for seminars and conferences

In addition to the large hall in the manor mansion, which can host concerts, conferences and parties, the mansion also has the luxurious Scottish Hall, furnished with a large round table and fitting up to 18 guests, as well as a Fireplace Chamber with antique furniture.

For conferences and seminars, an old Soviet border guard tower (now called Meretorn meaning the Sea Tower), located on the edge of the cliff, has been renovated and now has four meeting rooms; the largest of these is the Hogland chamber, accommodating up to 50 guests.


Catering at the mansion is provided by the finest à la carte restaurant in Ida-Virumaa, providing everyday meals and festive menus by order in a variety of halls.

Excellent location

Above all, Saka Manor is captivating for its location on the coastal cliffs of northern Estonia, and amidst an ancient park on the western end of the 70-year-old Ontika landscape protection area.  A park pavilion, bower and benches alongside garden pathways allow guests to enjoy solitude, peace and quiet.

Park pathways lead to the lighted Kivisilla cascade and to a stairway that leads down to the beach. Nearby, a former gravel quarry, once used by the military as a dump site, is now the location of an amphitheater, where numerous outdoor concerts take place for the Ida-Virumaa community.

Leisure facilities

Guests of the manor also have access to tennis courts and a beach volleyball court, a playground and a traditional swing, as well as military structures – awakening memories of the recent past. The best way to become acquainted with the surroundings of the manorial estate is to follow the marked Klindimõisa hiking path that trails along the edge of the cliff and then heads to the beach below.  The hike lasts just a few hours.

A trip to Saka does not entail just an aristocratic residence and a picturesque park. Guests can set out for longer journeys and discover the rest of Ida-Virumaa.  Even the neighboring Kukruse Polar Manor is a worthwhile trip. All less than an hour’s drive away are the ancient Narva fortress, the Sinimäed hills, the Kuremäe Convent, the Pannjärve Adventure Park in Alutaguse, and the mining museum in Kohtla. 

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Come to Saka Manor!

Saka Mõis

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