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    Saunas and pool area

    Mon-Fry 16.00-22.00
    Sat 12.00-22.00
    Sun 12.00-19.00

Saka Manor Wellness-Spa

A cozy Saka Manor Wellness-Spa offers relaxing enjoyment to every single guest. You will feel great here, because for us, it is important for our visitors to feel at their best. Saka Manor Wellness-Spa boosts the feeling of well-being by its cozy interior.

The SPA is located in the western wing of the hotel house and accommodates the following:

8 types of body care rooms

2 types of saunas

In addition to that, on the ground floor there are separate changing rooms for men and women with WCs and shower rooms.

Pool area includes:

Deck chairs around the pool.
Please read the SPA etiquette.

Saka Manor Wellness-Spa rates

Pool area rates, steam and Finnish sauna 1.5 h

Pool area rates
Parent with a child6
Children (3 to 13 years of age)5
Additional hour / per person (including children)5
Family price (2 adults and 2 children)20

Reserving entire pool area

With Finnish and steam sauna 1 h = 100 €

NB! The floor in the SPA might be slippery, which is why we strongly suggest that you use spa footwear with rubber sole in the spa area. Babies must wear swimming diapers.

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