Organizing seminars and conferences in the Manor Mansion

The Manor Mansion has four rooms for seminars and conferences.


  • The Ballroom with theatre style seating can accommodate 5 to 6 round, 10-person tables and up to 96 people altogether.
  • Group work is facilitated by special structures positioned around round tables for 20-40 people.
  • If it is a smaller seminar, coffee breaks are offered in the adjacent Salon, while if a larger conference is held in the Fireplace Chamber, Salon can be reserved for extra charge.
  • Reserving the Ballroom costs 720 € per day or 110 € per h.

Fireplace Chamber

  • The Fireplace Chamber has an antique British-styled dining table that seats up to 15 guests. 
  • It is possible to set another row of chairs around the table, which would allow to provide the seminar service to 25 people.
  • Reserving the Fireplace Chamber costs 400 € per day or 80 € per h.

The Scottish Hall

  • Seats up to 16 guests behind a majestic round table with ornamented high-back chairs; wonderful for official events.
  • Reserving the Scottish Hall costs 400 € per day or 80 € per h.


  • The Salon, fitted with antique furniture, can be used independently of the Ballroom for wedding ceremonies, business meetings and romantic two-person dinners.
  • Up to 5 people can sit on the soft antique furniture to talk business.
  • Reserving the Salon costs 240 € per day or 30€ per h.

Ask for an individual price quote for rooms, seminar catering, and coffee breaks:

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