9 ideas to try with your team in Saka Manor!

An inspiring venue for organising a seminar or event for a smaller team or a larger group is located in the very special Saka Manor!

You can choose between different rooms and we also offer exciting additional activities.

Some ideas to try when you host an event with us:

* The highest located smaller seminar room with a sea view, including the terrace, is 64 metres above sea level!
* Come and enjoy our spa and wellness in private with your team.
* We will organise a very entertaining party for your team!
* We offer the best à la carte menu in the Guest House restaurant.
* If you choose accommodation, you can book a private spa and sauna in the morning.
* You can organise your stay with a larger group in several ways – in the Hotel Building, the Guest House, the Sea Tower, the Camping House or even in your own caravan.
* Saka Manor is situated in an extremely scenic and exciting location — we recommend a very adventurous hike down to the coast! If you want to feel alone on an island, this is it. If you wish, we can arrange a hiking guide!
* Together with our local partners, we offer a number of exciting workshops!
* We also have a tennis court!

When booking the entire Hotel Building or Guest House, the following special prices apply:

The entire Hotel Building and spa area just for your team:
 * 29 rooms, accommodation for 59 people for 3660€
As a gift, free use of the ballroom of the Guest House for a seminar or dinner.

The unique Guest House only for your team:
 * 12 rooms, accommodation for 24 people for 2250€
With rooms on the 1st floor:  ballroom, Scottish hall, salon and fireplace hall for 3000€.

Organising the event of you dreams seems to be limited only by imagination.

Contact us at saka@saka.ee

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