Classical massages

Pearl-relax massage (45min) 40€

This massage with juniper and lavender essential oils helps muscles to relax, refreshes and tones the body in case of physical fatigue. It is perfectly suitable after doing sport or physical work. The massage has a strong antiseptic effect. NB! This massage is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: epilepsy, hypertension, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

General classical massage (45min) 40€ / Partial massage (20min) 25€

Classical massage is the most traditional and common massage type. The massage therapist uses his or her hands to work on your body. The massage has a relaxing effect in case of mental or physical stress, and it also exerts a positive effect on the central nervous system by means of nerve receptors in the skin.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: heart diseases, kidney or lung diseases, inflammatory states, infectious diseases, varicose veins.

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