A la carte menu

Chicken liver paté with red onion marmaldade, apple stew and rye bread crispEUR 7
Roasted duck fillet with grape-cherry-tomato salad and balsamic dressingEUR 10
Salad with baked goat cheese with honey, beetroot hummus and pine seedsEUR 9
Beetroot marinated butter fish carpaccio with ceviche and herb creamEUR 9
Boef a´la tartareEUR 16

Porcini mushroom cream soup with herb oil and beetroot hummusEUR 7
Smoked garlic-elk meat beetroot soupEUR 8
Trout soup with woked vegetablesEUR 6

Creamy pasta with Parmesan, blue cheese, mozzarella and basilEUR 11
Chicken pasta with sundried tomatoes, pesto and ParmesanEUR 10

Roasted duck fillet with mashed sweet potato, beetroot hummus and red wine-smoked garlic sauceEUR 16
Roasted lamb fillet with Parmesan polenta, tomato-vegetable stew and wine sauceEUR 17
Roasted beef fillet with potato gratin, woked vegetables and wine-juniper berry sauceEUR 18
Corn chicken filled with cream cheese and spinach and served with red rice, bok choy, grilled tomatoes and creamy chanterelle sauceEUR 14
Roasted pork fillet with black mung bean-vegetable-kataifi dough roll, topinambur cream and red wine sauceEUR 12
Pan-fried trout fillet with beluga lentils, vegetable tagliatelle and lemon-butter sauceEUR 15
Eggplant bake with mushrooms, mozzarella and spicy tomato sauceEUR 9

Warm chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbetEUR 6
Goat cheese créme brulee with cloudberry jamEUR 5
Selection of sorbets with meringue, créme anglaise and florentineEUR 6
Pistachio cheesecake with berry coulisEUR 7
Coconut milk-vanilla jelly with passion fruit foamEUR 5
Selection of cheese and hamEUR 14
Selection of snacksEUR 12

Meat cutlet with crispy potatoes and sauceEUR 6
Creamy pasta with hamEUR 5
Chicken fillet with potatoes and creamy sauceEUR 6
Pancake with jamEUR 4

Information and reservations:

Phone: +372 3364 914 (Restaurant)

Phone: +372 33 64 900 (Reception)

E-mail: saka@saka.ee

NB! The administration reserves the right to change rates without prior notice. Services that go unused for reasons not related to Saka Manor will not be refunded.