Aromatherapy massages

General aromatherapy massage (45min) 35€

Aromatherapy massage improves mental and physical health with the help of natural essential oils. The treatment helps to relieve muscle tension, moisturizes the skin and strengthens the immune system. Aromatherapy massage has a positive effect on the body, gives energy, and gives the feeling of well-being. It restores joint mobility and improves posture.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: allergy, tumors, thyroid diseases, inflammatory states, bone fractures, skin damage and skin diseases, heart diseases, acute blood and lymphatic system disorders, pregnancy; the massage is also contraindicated after a surgery.

Warming back massage with red pepper extract (20min) 25€

Capsaicine that is found in red pepper has a pain-relieving and antibacterial effect.

The massage that is given using intensive, but at the same time soothing hand moves with moderate pressure removes muscle tension in the back.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: skin diseases in the massaged area, dermatitis, pregnancy.

Foot massage with peppermint oil (20min) 25€

Refreshing and soothing massage, which stimulates lymph glands and improves blood circulation. This massage is especially useful for the people suffering from fluid retention, the so-called heavy legs and swelling.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, varicose veins, skin diseases, infectious and fungal diseases.

Relaxing chocolate massage (30min) 30€

If you really need to take time off, this massage with slow rhythmical moves is a perfect choice, which will pamper your body and help to relax.

Cocoa that is used in the massage is rich in bioactive components, vitamins B, PP, and provitamin A.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, infectious and fungal diseases, fever, allergy, varicose veins, serious lung and heart diseases.

Procedure for feet (30min) 30€

Wrapped foot massage refreshes and soothes tired feet. This treatment includes exfoliation, wrapping, and gentle massage up to the knees, making it ideal for tired legs. The procedure leaves you with less visible capillaries and noticeably smoother skin.

Take a moment to restore the flow of healing energy, indulge in a relaxing foot massage, and forget the stress of daily life. Reconnect with yourself and feel comfortable in your body once again.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, malignant tumors, varicose veins, skin diseases, bleeding, seizures, infectious and fungal diseases.

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